Davines NOUNOU Repairing Mask


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Davines NOUNOU Repairing Mask 8.5 oz  
Davines NOUNOU Pak/ Nourishing Repairing Mask
Is a complete treatment, offering everything dry and brittle hair needs: nourishment, moisture and protection.
Hair becomes silky, shiny, consistent and soft.
Nounou nourishing repairing mask also contrasts the static effect that causes fly-away hair, making hair easier to brush.

Result: it is suited for nourishing, moisturizing and protecting particularly dry and damaged hair.
It perfectly seals the hair scales and fixes the restructuring effect in the hair.

Active Ingredients:
Jojoba oil (provides emollients to make the hair soft to the touch and extremely shiny),
Olive butter (has a deep-nourishing and emollient effect on dry hair, making it particularly soft and consistent; it also has a strong protective action),
Phirobian gum (a natural polymer used for a specific and selective moisturizing effect, as it holds moisture releasing it when needed; in this way, once applied, it releases only the amount of moisture needed, adding body, volume and shine to the hair),
Cherry oil (contains a large quantity of Omega-6 essential fatty acids that have an effective moisturizing and emollient action).